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- Marci M.

The package came when my friend was staying with me for the holidays. The second I opened the package she gasped and asked where I purchased the kit so she could get one too. We ended up doing a writing and burning ceremony together and it was so powerful to release and invite in with someone! I already feel transformation taking place.

"worth every penny!" 

- John L.

I've been using a variety of releasing and manifesting rituals, specifically around the new and full moon cycles, so my comment that this kit is the best yet has some weight. It offers comprehensive guidance based on your intentions, whether it is to let go of grief or manifest a specific goal. I'm very pleased with my purchase and look forward to integrating the kit into my moon ceremony practice.

"Best fire ceremony kit"

"Best fire ceremony kit, hands down"

- Stacy G.

This burn journal box is insightful, inspiring and empowering; prompting you to connect with your higher self and create an incredible life every day. I found that the timed writing works exceptionally well for me. The hourglass is a beautiful, modern design and looks great on my desk! I’m impressed with the level of detail included in the instruction book. I’m a Burn Journal gal for life ♡ 

"Truly Magic!"

- Laura F.

The wood container for the rice paper is what got me... I'm a sucker for unique stationery. But opening this burn journaling kit was more than I could have imagined. All of the information I've been gathering on releasing ceremonies, manifesting and intention setting was laid out for me. It is a powerful kit with a lot contained inside. I am so excited to write and burn! 

"it was more than i could've imagined"

- Sharon H.

I purchased this kit as a gift and the recipient was beyond elated when it arrived in the mail. It was beautifully packaged, arrived quickly, and the contents were gorgeous. What a perfect gift! In addition, they have fantastic customer service! I wanted to add a gift note, and they were able to make that happen for me. Thank you so much!

"Great Gift! Beautifully Packaged."

- Dayspring G.

I was so excited to get this in the mail. Unpacking the box was like Christmas. I had so much fun discovering all the little treasures inside. A lot of attention and care was put into the creation of this kit and it shows. Love mine and highly recommend.

"Absolutely perfect!"




Explore your deepest thoughts, beliefs, and feelings as you let go of what needs to be released from your life, encouraging growth, happiness and transformation. This powerful ceremony will intentionally bring about what you truly desire into your life!

Our mission is to inspire intentional living

By releasing what no longer serves you, you have made space for change and for your goals, dreams and wishes to manifest. You are ready for transformation!


Crumple up the paper and hold it to your heart, declare your intention: in a few words say what you are releasing and what you are calling in. Place the paper in a fire safe bowl or space and light it.


Turn hourglass and write freely for 15 minutes about anything that is on your mind. Put your thoughts, feelings and intentions down on the paper, exploring consciously what no longer serves you, what you want to let go of and what you want to invite in instead.


with our journaling kit

Write. Burn. Transform.

You got “stuck” or didn’t know what to write about and had difficulty filling a page, and you didn't even feel any different after journaling anyway! With your Burn Journal Kit, you will learn to let your thoughts and feelings pour out on the page freely. You will be guided through exploring your deepest thoughts, beliefs, and feelings as you let go of what needs to be released from your life, encouraging growth, happiness and transformation.

Maybe you've tried journaling before but you're not sure if you were doing it "right". 


Ready to reshape your reality?

Across many traditions, fire is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, passion, purification, transformation, divinity, and light. Fire ignites, consumes, activates, illuminates, warms and serves as a catalyst for change. 
Fire allows for rapid transformation. Any time you feel “blocked” or are working on what you want to dream into your life, fire is an incredible tool to help you change and shift. Burn journaling clears the way for new beginnings and brings about positive intentions that inspire metamorphosis.

Burn journaling clears the way for new beginnings and brings about positive intentions.


“Powerful transformative work."

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